Rugby sport same as football sport is high intensity exercise,so that grass need high requirements for the ball rebound, shock absorption, wear resistance and skin friction .ACT rugby grass consists of high-DTEX, high-density, high-wear-resistant and special production process. It successfully solves the filling particles are splashed everywhere when play ,Protect athlete's respiratory system, eyes, skin and nasal cavity. Its excellent sports performance and safety performance are well accept by more and more customers.


Resilient fibres designed to remain upright, provide consistent ball performance.

High yarn density offers enhanced playing comfort with ideal linear an rotational friction.

Soft surface, helps prevent head injuries and sprains.

Unique design , simulates the athletic performance of natural grass , increases the comfort of the player by increasing the density of the yarn.

Excellent traction performance allows players to accelerate or stop quickly.

Anti-UV and durability, with long useful life.

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