Do not place heavy objects on artificial turf grounds for a long time, especially heavy objects like cars, which have serious damage to artificial turf fields.

It is strictly forbidden to litter, especially corrosive liquids such as cigarette butts and carbonated drinks.


Leaves can be removed directly with a broom

The mud stain can be washed directly with water.

Ash can be used

Clean rag and water scrub

Blood stains can be washed with 1L of water and half a cup of salt, then cleaned with warm water.

Ink, 30-40G neutral detergent can be used, mixed with 1L warm water, shake evenly and then wipe the stain with cloth.

Ink can be cleaned with diluted cleaning solution. Mix 30-40G neutral detergent in 1L of warm water and mix well to clean the ink.

Oily chewing gum, you can use a perchloroethylene cloth to wipe the grease or chewing gum, and the chewing gum can be removed by cooling and cooling.

Chocolate candy, after washing the stain with light oil, mix 30-40G neutral detergent in 1L warm water, then clean the chocolate position